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Made To Measure, Custom Bespoke Tuxedo

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

A unique made to measure custom-tailored suit is the only way to guarantee a perfect fit. Enjoy the experience of a tailored suit and take the time to create your style of Tuxedo exactly as you like.

Here at Reign Suit Co we help you to personally select the best fabric and material and then choose the details and buttons for your custom, bespoke tailored Tuxedo. We visit you in Edmonton, Alberta and across Western Canada. When you look great you feel great, and a tuxedo with a perfect tailored fit makes a statement that an off the page tuxedo never could.

Our made-to-measure tuxedo's take around 8 weeks from our visit to measure until you receive it. Book a consultation with us today for a custom tuxedo to start your journey to a better tuxedo, and discover why Alberta gentlemen choose Reign Suit Co.

Suitable for a wedding or any black tie occasion, what guy does not like to channel his inner James Bond! and with a custom tuxedo or dinner suit you will be guaranteed to leave the room shaken not stirred.

Classic Tuxedo

The classic tuxedo is the most traditional and offers a timeless look. By having your suite made bespoke you elevate yourself over an off the peg suit with a perfect fit. The dinner jacket is the staple of black tie attire and this will set the tone for the rest of your look, with choices to be made in material and detailing to bring an individuality to the custom tuxedo experience.

Patterned Jacquard Tuxedo

If you really want to make a statement of individuality and add some flamboyance a bold patterned Jacquard dinner jacket could be the look for you. Our tailors will help choose the pattern for the body of the jacket, the styling and facings and the lining to give you a unique tuxedo that will elevate the wear to a gentlemen of style and sophistication.

Smoking Jacket Tuxedo

A classically styled smoking jacket is a debonair option that never goes out of style. With an elegance and gravitas bestowed it by the plush velvet and rich textures. paired with a classic black barathea trouser to finish the look, a true classic in every sense of the word.

Custom Tuxedos in Edmonton by Reign Suit Co

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