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Our Process

We get it: buying a suit or shirt off the rack at a department store is not a fun experience.

These pieces of clothing are mass produced to fit a very generic body type, and without alterations are very unlikely to fit you well. Your suit or shirt or jacket may be functional, but will not look perfect and will definitely not be unique. 

This is where REIGN Suit Co steps in. Our fabrics are what you would expect to find at a high end menswear store, and go up from there for those who want ultimate comfort. Our Master Tailors each have over 30 years experience, and our Style Designers are on the cutting edge of new fashion trends. Whether you know exactly what you're looking for or need help with everything from design to sizing to accessories, we would be happy to guide you on your journey!

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Get Measured

We come to you! Conveniently meet with our Style Designer at your home, office, or our office, where we can have a brief discussion about your needs and expectations for your suit. We will take 22 measurements to make sure your suit and shirts fit perfectly.

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Get Designed

Browse through our selection of over 2000 suit fabrics and 3000 shirt fabrics, as well as custom suit liners to really make your suit unique. We also make cashmere overcoats, water resistant raincoats, and have a large stock of ties, shoelaces and socks - every accessory you need to stand out and feel great about what you're wearing!

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Get Suited

Once your order is placed, typical production time by our Master Tailor is 4 weeks. When the order is ready, you will have a final fitting to make sure everything is perfect. If there are any issues, we will cover the cost of the alterations - all included in the pricing. Rush orders are possible if you're under a time crunch - we are here for you!

It's that easy! Book an appointment below

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