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How to pick the perfect suit for your type of body

Find a fit to flatter your shape and it will be your suit of confidence

Suit For Taller Men

If you are a Taller gentlemen you want to show off your height without looking like a giant. Straight leg trousers are key. When you are buying your suit trousers get them altered to have a slight break just above the shoe.

This will create the look that your are tall but not too tall. Don't go for a baggy shoulder look as this will drown your torso. There is no need to be too trendy in your choice just ensure that there is a nice formality in the style and colour of the suit.

For this body shape we recommend: The modern 3-piece where the waistcoat is cut like a normal fitted jacket this will help give your torso a slimmer appearance. The waistcoat should have the same colour as the trousers but a different fabric, to help create interest when it is being viewed from behind this will also add further height around your neck area.

For a Taller gentleman we recommend: A single breasted or double breasted jacket with a wide spread collar in a medium to darker colour.

For a Large gentlemen we recommend: Avoid anything too fitted, keep the shoulder padded to prevent broadening your body shape. A single breasted jacket with wide peak lapels will give you an extra inch in height. Peak lapels have more depth which increases your proportions and makes you appear slimmer.

Suit For Shorter Men

Are you a shorter chap? Pick a single breasted two button suit in classic black or navy with flat front trousers and narrow notch lapels. You can also opt for wider peak lapels but not too big! Make sure the shoulder line is tapered rather than a boxy shape.

If you are a Short gentlemen we recommend suits that are not too long in the arms or legs or a baggy look as too much material will make you look shorter than you actually are. A slim fitting suit with sleeves tailored to sit before the end of your wrist bone.

A plain or pinstripe suit wore well for a shorter man and the modern cut trousers sit just on your shoes without any break. The jacket should be long enough to cover the seat so you don't go for a hipster look!

Suit For The Larger Men

Larger or stocky men should avoid a double breasted or patterned suit . The extra fabric will add size by drawing attention to your chest and waist. Instead buy a single breasted jacket with a bit of a nip in the waist which will give you a more figure flattering silhouette.

Pin stripes can also help create height so keep this in mind when deciding on your ideal suit style. If you have broad shoulders then look for lighter weight cloths that are soft to touch.

The modern 3 piece is ideal for this shape. Just ensure the waistcoat isn't too tight around your mid section. A textured option will add interest when viewed from behind!

Suit for The Slim Men

A slim man should look to his suit cut for inspiration, single breasted jackets can sometimes gape at the waist and back of a jacket. This just makes you look larger so instead opt for a double breasted fitted style with a prominent notch lapel - particularly if you have a smaller frame.

For Slim men we recommend: Avoid floral prints and 3 piece suits with patterned waistcoats as this will draw attention to your torso and make you look larger.

For Slim men we recommend: A "V" shape of the waistcoat color below the lapel is Ideal for slim men, a deep "V" of a different fabric from the jacket fabric draws the eyes downwards instead of the same fabric being used. Avoid too many pockets, it's enough that you are wearing pockets on your trousers!

Suits for Muscular Men

The modern 3 piece suit is perfect for muscular men. A double breasted jacket will provide the width necessary to give your body good proportion.

For Muscular & Tall men we recommend: Avoid very short jackets or coats that are too fitted as this will make you look like a box! Pick a classic fit over anything slim fit when buying your suit.

For Muscular men we recommend: A light color on your jacket and a dark contrasting color on your waistcoat or v-shape so its more prominent to create definition throughout your body shape. Pay particular attention to the fit around the shoulders, forearms and biceps.

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