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Custom Wedding Suit Edmonton

If you're about to get married, then it's time to start thinking about your wedding suit. You'll want to make sure that everything is perfect on the day of the ceremony, and custom suits are what you need. We've created this guide for anyone who needs help choosing a custom wedding suit from Edmonton custom tailors Reign Suit Co.

Classic wedding suit

Material choices for custom wedding suits are usually limited to wool, linen or cotton. However, you may not believe it until you see it but more options exist including silk and mohair which is what you get at Reign Suit Co. When choosing a fabric keep in mind that hotter climates require lighter weight materials while colder climates call for heavier fabrics.

Details and linings for custom wedding suits can be changed according to your own preferences. For example, custom suits in Edmonton can have ticket pockets instead of the traditional slit pockets or flap front pants with cuffs. The possibilities are endless and what you get is something that looks great on you, so choose wisely!

The Reign Suit Co family has enjoyed helping Edmontonians look their best for weddings anywhere in Canada.

Contemporary wedding suit

A modern cut custom suit for a modern man If you're looking for custom wedding suits that are cut close to the body and made from high-quality materials, then look no further than The Reign Suit Co. They make custom-tailored menswear with an emphasis on contemporary cuts and quality fabrics. Stylish contemporary suits in today's fashion landscape are custom suits with a slim fit, narrow lapels, and low armholes. We find that they offer the best of both worlds: they retain most of the features from classic wedding suits while being more flattering to today's man.

When you buy custom-made clothing in Edmonton at Reign Suit Co., it means that your clothes will be custom-made just for you. That means that the fit will always be perfect and your custom wedding suit can be made from a number of different fabrics, textures, and colors. When it comes to custom suits in Edmonton, no one has more options than The Reign Suit Co!

Custom Tuxedo wedding suit

A timeless black tie tuxedo is always a debonair choice for your wedding suit. If you're feeling inspired by James Bond or Cary Grant, then custom tuxedos are the wedding suit for you. Of course, custom suits in Edmonton don't have to be all black and white; they can come in a number of fantastic colors as well such as classic navy blue, luxurious purple, and even funky pink!

When it comes to custom wedding tuxedos in Edmonton, no one has more options than Reign Suit Co.

Light jackets for the groom

Soft pastel colors are great for a summer wedding, with complimenting shades and a romantic color scheme. A more relaxed look and less formal custom wedding suits are meant for a summer or springtime wedding. Picking custom light jackets for men may be a better option to look fresh and cool on your special day.

A custom-made lighter-weight jacket from The Reign Suit Co works great with our range of fabrics.

Classic three-piece wedding suit

A versatile classic suit, custom-made that flatters your proportions and fits perfectly. With custom-made suits, you can choose the specific pieces that are most flattering for your body type. We have found that custom three-piece wedding suits are a great option because they look amazing on almost everyone! If you're looking to stand out from the crowd without being too flashy then this is an excellent choice of custom menswear.

Wedding suit color choices

If your wedding has a theme then be sure to let us know and if you have a color swatch or color palette that can help us find a suitable fabric for your suit.

Upon request, custom wedding suits in Edmonton can be made in a number of different colors including classic black and white as well as brighter, bolder shades such as red, pink, lavender or purple.

The Reign Suit Co is pleased to offer you custom-made menswear that looks great on everyone! Our custom wedding suit designs can be tailored in any color!

Why choose to have a custom-made wedding suit and not off the peg?

Our custom wedding suits are custom made just for you and that means the fit is always perfect. You can choose from a range of different fabrics, textures, and colors as well as custom-made to your specific measurements. Off the peg suits will not be tailored to your exact measurements and a bepsoke wedding suit makes you feel a million dollars on your big day!

Where to buy custom-made wedding suits in Edmonton?

When it comes to custom suits for men, no one has more options than The Reign Suit Co. We are the custom-tailored menswear company that also specializes in wedding attire and can provide you with custom tuxedos as well! All of our fabrics are sourced from the best mills in Italy, England, and around the world. We are proud to have custom suits for men that are made right here in Edmonton! You can make an appointemnt with our tailor and he will viit you at a place and time conveient to you. Our bespoke service includes a bespoke tailor as well as a bespoke suit.

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