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5 Benefits Of Choosing a Custom Made Suit

Do you have an important event coming up, one that requires the utmost attention to your appearance?

Have grown tired of wearing old glad rags and want something new but aren’t sure what will fit right or look good on YOU? Custom-made suits are often not considered for fear they won't be quick enough or easy as buying off rack. The problem is this perception can lead people down a dangerous path towards disappointing themselves with poor quality tailored garments that don't offer long-lasting satisfaction - let alone save any money over time!

Custom suits offer a perfect fit

They ensure you will get the most out of your suit's life, which is why many people choose them over off-the-rack suits which never seem to fit perfectly. Custom-made Reign Suits can block and cut a suit to reflect your exact body measurements and make it more roomy and comfortable than any off-the-rack suits ever could be.

Custom-tailored suits allow you to create unique looks while practicing good business etiquette. You'll find yourself looking better in your clothes and feeling more confident about yourself! Wearing a well-fitting suit sets an elevated tone for any meeting or presentation at work, making sure that others take you seriously from the beginning - without having to prove yourself later on that day or into next.

Your tailor will make sure that your best features are accentuated and anything you don't want to catch people's eyes, well let them know. Your trouser legs will be fitted with the desired look of a perfect style match for yourself down to fit just right around how it needs to on top of having an excellent length specifically tailored at exactly what would work best based on body type! You might even find out what happens when everything comes together in one beautifully crafted garment by getting more comfortable while wearing suits as opposed to before because now not only do they feel great but also move easily without any stiff or bulky feeling.

It takes less time than you think for a custom suit

Custom built to fit your body perfectly, our suits can be finished in under four weeks - and we offer an express two-week option as well. No need to spend hours shopping for the right style or fitting; because we take care of all that for you!

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose from a large selection of styles and fabrics available in the finest quality and latest fashion trends making sure you get your money's worth no matter what it is that you end up choosing; we know how important it is to look good and feel confident about ourselves when going out into the world which is why we work hard every day to make sure Reign Suits looks as great as it does on everyone who wears one!

Make an appointment today!

Choose your own bespoke suit materials -

Wool, Cotton, Linen, Silk, Cashmere you can choose your favorite materials from our large variety of quality fabrics. We work with reputable mills and we keep up with the latest fashion trends so you'll never be out of style and our attention to detail ensures you always look your best.

Choose your own bespoke suit style - Single-breasted or Double-breasted. Choose cuffing options - French Cuffs, Turned Up Cuffs or No Cuffs. Choose your lapel design and pick outlining colors!

Choose your pocket design, flap or no-flap, and pick the accent color -

Pick outlining colors of waistcoat and trouser legs.

Customize your suit to fit perfectly!

We offer a range of customizations to each bespoke suit we make; enjoy picking from different colors for linings either on the inside of the jacket, tone on tone with the main fabric, black on black or find yourself more comfortable wearing contrasting colors that truly bring out your chosen look. We will cut and sew any kind of stitching into our suits that you desire as well as customize extras such as patch pockets, ticket pockets, and also hand-made cuff buttons on our suits if you'd like! The choice is yours! Reign Suits

Select your style or create your own look!

work with our tailors to create a one-off statement piece that will be sure to turn heads when you enter the room in your new suit! The bespoke suit allows you to add your own flair and personality to every design. If this is what you're after, choose any jacket style you wish!

With over 100 styles of suits to choose from-

Our stylists are happy to show off some of our most popular options or sit down with you to create something completely unique for yourself - the choice is yours! Outline stitching on lapel, pocket flaps, trouser legs, suspenders? No problem! Want contrasting color linings inside the jacket? Just ask! We can even work with you on creating patches for your pants or custom cuff designs for that extra personal touch. Reign Suits

Invest in a custom made suit from Regin Suit Co Edmonton

A man should never skimp on a quality suit after all first impressions are everything. Whether you're looking to add to your professional wardrobe or spruce up your weekend look, Reign Suits has everything you need and more. We aim to make our customers feel like a million dollars by offering them the highest quality suits and shirts at affordable prices while still maintaining the same level of service we've built our reputation on. With 100s of fabric options and customizations available-

We can create full suits that will truly stand out from the crowd or just upgrade one element such as the pants or jacket to give you that extra edge when making an impression. Our team will teach you about different fabrics and styles so come in for a fitting today! Contact Reign Suit Co of Edmonton for an appointment and we can show you why Bespoke made-to-measure suits are for gentlemen like you.

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